Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your best friend calls you and tells you he/she's really sick? How do you show you care? I&#39;ve been astounded at the problems I thought were unrelated to food/health that have gone away with dietary changes. Things I didn&#39;t even realize I had issue with due to health stopped being an issue. For example, I used to hate a lot of chores, such as doing dishes in particular. I thought I hated these things because they were boring, unfun, time consuming, etc, and took me away from things that I enjoyed. This was not the case. The problem was that most chores required me to do things that caused me discomfort in my body. I didn&#39;t realize how strong that discomfort was until it was finally relieved. Now I find chores merely boring, or unexciting, but I no longer hate them.<br/> <br/> A common theme among people who become raw foodists is the discovery that almost every problem is a health problem. One really common statement I hear from raw vegans is: &quot;I can&#39;t believe how much my mood is lifted, I used to always be depressed!&quot;<br/> <br/> People who are spiritual who become raw vegans say things like, &quot;It&#39;s easier to meditate longer, and get deeper into the meditation.&quot; People who are into sports say things like, &quot;It&#39;s incredible how much more focused I am on the game, and how much harder I can play.&quot; And people who sing say, &quot;My voice is so much cleaner/stronger/clearer!&quot; and people into yoga say, &quot;My balance is so much better,&quot; etc, etc, etc.<br/> <br/> But even more incredible is how often people find that poor relationships dissolve and disappear, and decent/good relationships become incredible. In other words, being healthier separates you from bad relationships, and connects you deeper into good relationships. It&#39;s priceless.<br/> <br/> Memory often improves after a really good detox, but just changing a few food items a day won&#39;t create a powerful enough detox for that. In any event, my point is, emotional/spiritual/social/mental issues are all greatly reduced or completely resolved through detoxification of the body, and this is often not understood or known.<br/>

Raederle Phoenix

At the age of 16 I destroyed my stomach lining. I fought my way back to health through reading, food and love. I'm on a mission to help others.

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